Creativity, Channels and A.I. are colliding in virtually every industry.

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It's an extraordinary time of great disruptions and change. Working hard and smart is necessary, but not enough. Working with strategic partners is key. Count on us as your strategic marketing services provider. By providing one system for planning, account management, delivery, and payment, Yeaps is ready to work with you as One Complete Partner.


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  • Strategy & Design
  • P.R.
  • Advertising
  • Content
  • Events & Experiences
  • Influencers & Talents
  • Digital


Get in touch with our Creative Communications Business Group today to find out how you can put creativity to use and win opportunities.

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  • Wokforce Solutions
  • Incentives & Rewards Solutions
  • XRM Solutions (Extended Relationship Management)



Get in touch with our Trade Marketing Business Group today to find out how you can put action to use and win opportunities.

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  • Data Science Systems
  • A.I. Systems
  • Trade Systems Automation
  • E-commerce Systems



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by Yeaps Creative Communications


In an ever fragmented and busy communications landscape, a personal connection always helps. Yeaps Activate, a service under our Experiences Division with our Creative Communications Business Group, help brands make that ever elusive deeper connection with customers using real world experiences powered by talents and on-ground support.  Marketers will find a powerful combination of people, creativity and insight in the design of experiences to give that boost to awareness and traction.

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by Yeaps Trade Marketing Solutions


As success comes to marketing and sales executives, scaling up is an endeavor that presents both ease and challenges. Tech and process and people need to come together, with an emphasis on people - great people. Yeaps Sales Force is a staff outsourcing service under our Trade Marketing Solutions Group’s Workforce Division. The service helps marketers find, prepare, deploy and manage great people to fill various real world channel functions. Clients love combining Yeaps Sales Force with Yeaps Activate and Yeaps BEST.



by Yeaps Data Technology


Yeaps B.E.S.T. stands for Business Environment & Sales Tracker, one of our proprietary trade channel system technologies.  Yeaps BEST helps trade channel management actors take action fast and decisively by accelerating and automating data processing in the field and insight generation for company management.

We serve industry leaders.

For our clients, we are their partner in tapping into all parts of the marketing value chain.

Among them are Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, The Ford Motor Company, L’Oreal, Toyota Motor, Unilever, Emerson Network Power, Symantec, Procter & Gamble, Globe Telecom and their top brands.

Together with Edenred, we’ve also had the privilege of working with clients like Computer Associates, Maritz, Toshiba, Alcatel and more.

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