Everyday, in locations all over The Philippines, Yeapsters and our affiliates are working hard for our clients, putting in action our collective mantra: Make it great! Very grateful that our team takes our motto to heart.
— JP de la Vega, CEO

We are based in Makati City, Metro Manila in The Philippines, the business and financial hub of this growing economy.

Yeaps [ pronunc. yeeps ] was founded in 2002. From our beginnings in the garage of a family home over a decade ago, we are now an organization of over 200 people, globally affiliated with Edenred Paris, trusted by industry leading multinationals

The diverse and talented people who work at Yeaps, affectionately called Yeapsters, work tirelessly and wholeheartedly to deliver results for the programs and projects entrusted to us by our clients. We also work with affiliates, such as influencers and creators, and strategic suppliers and partners.

We value our company culture and do our best to uphold the very best shared values, beliefs and ideals. This is summed up by the company mantra: Make It Great. One's great may change from time to time, but we are committed to making it happen every time.

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Our Founders & Principals

JPV (5).png.jpg

JP de la Vega
President & CEO

JP is the company's chief executive and leads strategy and company growth. JP is also a civic leader presiding over a leading Rotary Club and serving on the board of various Public Good oriented organizatons.

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Kesler Go
Managing Director & COO

Kesler has purview of day to day operations, overseeing all sectors. Kesler is also an influencer and is the creative mind behind the travel Instagram, Rolls & Royce.


Our Executives


Ivan Ocampo
Executive Director
Creative Communications Sector

Ivan has purview over two organizations: the client focused Creative Communications Business Group and the company's Marketing Services Group. 


Abigail Icamina
Executive Director
Trade Marketing Solutions Sector

Abi has purview over two organizations: the client focused Trade Marketing Solutions Business Group and the company's Sales Services Group. 


Our Managers

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Tadashi Zialcita
Executive Manager
Technology Sector

Dash has purview of two organizations: the client focused Data Technology Business group and the company's Technology Services Group. 

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Adrian Marcellana
Executive Manager
Finance Services Sector

Adrian has purview over three organizations: the company's accounting services group, supply chain services group, regulatory compliance group.