JP De la Vega, JPV

JP de la Vega

Chairman of The Board
Chief Executive Officer

Co-founded the company. Chief Executive leading the company and Chairman of the board of directors. An alumnus of The Ayala Group.  A member of the The Ayala Young Leaders Alliance, Hitachi Young Leaders Initiative and APEC Young Leaders Forum. 

Kesler Go, kes, KUG

Kesler Go

Vice Chairman
Managing Director
Chief Operations Officer

Co-founded the company. Chief Operations Officer directing company operations. An alumnus of Guam Visitors Bureau.

Ivan Ocampo, IMO, Ivan

Ivan Ocampo

Executive Director
Creative Business Head
Overall Marketing Head

Oversees all facets of the creative services business (brand communications, media services, event communications, digital communications, influences & talents). Also leads Yeaps' marketing operations.

Abigail Trillana-Icamina, Abi, Abhie, ATI

Abigail Trillana-Icamina

Executive Director
Activation Business Head
Overall Sales Head

Oversees all facets of the activation services business (managed services / managed trade solutions, staff outsourcing, rewards & incentives). Also leads Yeaps' sales operations.

Tadashi Zialcita, Noel, Dash, TYZ

Tadashi Zialcita

Executive Manager
Tech. (Data Science, AI)  Business Head
Overall Technology Head

Oversees all facets of the technology services business (Data Science, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Systems). Also leads Yeaps' technology operations.

AGM, Adrian Marcellana, Ian Marcellana, Adrian, Ian

Adrian Marcellana

Executive Manager
Accounting & Finance Operations Head
Supply Chain Operations Head
Regulatory Affairs Head

Oversees Finance Operations, Supply Chain Operations & Regulatory Affairs.